Simple Software for a Simple Life!
Simple Software for a Simple Life!
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FAQ: Can I use your icons, graphics, or images in a different project?

Unfortunately we can't give authorization to use any of our graphics at this time.

FAQ: How do I shut down, quit, or exit a program?

It depends on the operating system and in a few cases the program. Below are the methods of shutting down programs as well as any special cases. Windows Mobile Pocket PC Just clicking OK or X in the upper…

FAQ: What are the file extensions for your products?

The file extensions for Ilium Software product data files are as follows: eWallet: .WLT, .SWLT, .CWLT ListPro: .CLF, .CCLF KeepTrack: .ATF NewsBreak: .OPML Inscribe: .CLO

FAQ: Where can I find documentation for your products?

The Quick Tours below are short, interactive introductions to eWallet, ListPro, NewsBreak and Keep Track. In addition to the files below, all of our software also includes complete help. On a Pocket PC,…

HOWTO: Move A Window With The Keyboard

- Press Alt + Spacebar - Press M - Use the arrow keys to move the window - Press Enter to finish moving the window

INFO: Discontinued Products

Due to the costs of maintaining products on frequently-changing and/or outdated platforms, we no longer sell the products listed on this page. Please let us know if you have questions about any of them.…