INFO: Software End-user License Agreement (EULA)

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This license agreement applies to software purchased by individuals. 

The following terms and conditions apply to using this software.  Unless you have a different license agreement signed by Ilium Software, your use of this software indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this License Agreement and Disclaimer of Warranty.

Registered Version

This software is licensed to you for your own personal use.  You may not sell, rent, lease or export this software, nor reproduce or copy this software, except as necessary for personal backups.  You may use the software on only one computer at a time.  You may not alter or modify this software.  This software, accompanying files, documentation, and all copyright and other intellectual property associated therewith remain the property of Ilium Software.

Disclaimer of Warranty

THIS SOFTWARE AND THE ACCOMPANYING FILES ARE SOLD “AS IS” AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES AS TO PERFORMANCE OF MERCHANTABILITY OR ANY OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.  Ilium Software makes no warranty concerning this software, and Ilium Software shall not be responsible for any special, consequential, incidental or other damages resulting from the use or possession of this software.  Any liability of Ilium Software will be limited exclusively to product replacement or refund of purchase price or registration fee.