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Kind words from our users…

As usual your customer care is top notch, last time I got in touch with you was when I left Blackberry for Android… time flies, Lol. Thank you again for the great software and for your reliable assistance and help, I’ll keep recommending your app to anyone in need of a password manager.

Francesco M.

Thanks so much. I will have to say that you folks in Customer Service are “All Stars”. I have always gotten superior and timely responses from your group.

Kenneth B.

Oh thank you!! That’s perfect and exactly the help I was looking for. This is another reason why I love eWallet — your customer support is excellent. You understood exactly my use case and anticipated that I want to be able to copy some existing content to the new eWallet, AND you responded to my query super fast! Thank you!!

Kristina G.

Thanks for the fast response and info, you guys have awesome product and superior customer service.

Ron M.

The only thing better than the app is your support.

Raymond S.

… thanks for your support and responsiveness. You reconfirmed my secure feeling about using eWallet, and left me another positive experience with customer support. Just wanted to add this.

Gerard van R.

I’ve been using this app since I had a PDA and have never had any problems. Does everything I need it to do and more. They also have great customer service!


I’ve been using eWallet for over ten years and it is the best app I’ve ever had. The tech support is outstanding and the app just keeps getting better. You will love this tool for all kinds of record keeping; not just passwords!


I’ve used eWallet by Ilium Software for over a decade. It is, by far, the most frequently used application on my computer and without it I would be lost. It is my ‘must-have’ application, and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone…and I often do.

J Whitford

I’ve been using eWallet for more than a decade to store not only passwords, but also important information such as serial numbers and purchase data for expensive items, passport information, and other critical information. I sync eWallet on my phone and computer so that I have up to date information wherever I am working. I can copy and paste user IDs and passwords from eWallet and this allows me to easily use long, complex passwords. I use eWallet multiple times per day.

Arnold L.

I’ve been using eWallet for years, and why not? Now I only have to remember one password; the app auto generates crazy-secure passwords (according to your specifications - length, u/l case, numbers, special characters that you edit) at the touch of a key; remembers user ID’s and URL’s. But most of all, it gives me peace of mind that I’ve done all that I can do to protect my accounts. My favorite app. Period.

Guy Arledge

The above are just a tiny selection of the positive emails/comments we’ve received.

For your convenience, we try to provide as much support information as we can on our website. If you can’t find the information you need on our site, please contact us by email. You’ll get fast, courteous, and competent answers and information.