HOWTO: Get Registration Codes

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You will automatically get an unlock code with the purchase of our Windows products directly from our website. Products sold by Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft in their respective app stores do not require unlock codes.

If you need registration codes for purchased software, either after a reinstallation or because you want to unlock a trial when you’ve bought a app from a reseller and didn’t get them automatically, please contact us.

When you buy Windows software right from our website, you will get an email within a few minutes of your purchase with registration codes, as well as being able to download an unlocked copy. The email will contain a section that looks like this:

eWallet 8 for Windows
Name: your name
Key: 654321

If you do not have that email any longer, please contact us and we will send you unlock codes.

Please note that we do our best to reply to all registration code requests by the next business day at the latest and typically respond the same day, but we can only send codes to valid, registered purchasers of our products. You can help us find your record by filling in as much info as possible on the form when you contact us.

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