Simple Software for a Simple Life!
Simple Software for a Simple Life!
HOWTO: Register / Unlock NewsBreak

To register NewsBreak, visit the About screen and pick the "Register" button (or Menu -> Register on a Smartphone.) When registering your software, make sure of the following when inputting the name…

INFO: Getting Started with NewsBreak

When you first run NewsBreak, it will step you through setting up channels. Since you're just starting out, selecting channels from the supplied list is probably your best option. Remember that you can…

INFO: Latest NewsBreak Upgrades and Version Info

NewsBreak 2.1.2, released in May 2010, is the current version of NewsBreak for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs and Smartphones. NewsBreak 2.1.2 is a free upgrade for all registered purchasers of NewsBreak 2.0,…

INFO: Supported Hardware for NewsBreak

NewsBreak is available for: Windows Mobile 6.5 Windows Mobile 6 Classic, Standard and Professional Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs and Smartphones