INFO: NewsBreak Tips

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Use the New Channel Wizard’s Import from a URL or Search Online option to find new channels you are interested in.

On your Smartphone, you can press the 7 key to see detailed progress information in the Channels list during an update. When viewing a story summary, you can press the 9 key to see the next summary and the 3 key to see the previous summary.

Use Keywords to have NewsBreak identify just the news items you really want to know about. Filter by keyword in Summary View so only keyword matches will be shown. Set your Notify Options to notify you only when keyword matches are found.

Use Auto Update to make sure your channels get refreshed frequently enough to keep you up to date.

When your Pocket PC or Smartphone is connected, it can connect to the Internet through your Windows PC’s Internet connection. This lets you load NewsBreak with new headlines when your mobile device is connected, then take the headlines with you when you go. Auto Update works great with this passthrough connection.

Use the Fit to Screen and Show Images picks to better see full story pages on your Pocket PC.

When you see a button like: RSS feed icons examples 
on a web site, it indicates there is a channel (or several channels) available. To add the channel to NewsBreak, you’ll enter the URL the button links to.

If you pick the XML button in Pocket IE, you can copy the channel’s URL to the clipboard from the Pocket IE Address Bar (make sure the address bar is showing by picking Address Bar from the View menu). Just ignore the XML you see on the page. Once the URL is on the clipboard, start NewsBreak and pick New button in the menu bar to start the New Channel Wizard. Choose I know the URL and pick Next. The contents of the clipboard will automatically be entered into the Channel URL field. You can then enter or download the channel name and pick Next to add the channel.

Remember that you can get NewsBreak Help at any time on a Pocket PC. To see the help on a Pocket PC, choose Help from the Start Menu while NewsBreak is active.