ERROR: Cannot find 'http://....' (or one of its components) when tapping on Read More

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This error comes up if Windows Mobile cannot launch the default web browser. This is almost always caused by the default browser being set incorrectly by a third-party web browser such as ACCESS NetFront or Opera. You will need to make sure that your web browser is correctly set as the default browser on your PDA - consult the browser’s documentation for how to do this.

If you are using Opera:

We have seen reports that Opera may not correctly set its default browser registry entry if Opera is installed to a location other than main memory on your Pocket PC.

You can resolve this by un-installing Opera and re-installing it to main memory.

You may also be able to keep Opera installed on a storage card by manually changing the registry entry.

The above fix requires third party software not provided by Ilium Software. Ilium Software is not responsible for any damage that occurs to software or hardware by applying this fix.