ERROR: System Error 0000000E and 00000070

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These two error messages mean your Windows Mobile device has run out of memory.

System Error 00000070:

Error 00000070 mean that your device is out of “storage memory”, which is where all the data and programs are stored on your device.

The most likely cause of this is that you simply have no more storage memory left on your device. You’ll need to free up space by deleting large files or moving them to a storage card or your PC.

System Error 0000000E:

Error 0000000E means that your device is out of “Program Memory”, which is essentially the same as the RAM in your PC.

This error may mean that other software installed on your device is interfering with NewsBreak or with your device’s operating system. 

To troubleshoot this error, you will need to contact us with the list of programs installed on your device, and the make and model of your Windows Mobile device. You can get a list of the installed software by launching the Remove Programs application on your device.