INFO: Installing NewsBreak deleted my channels!

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Installing NewsBreak should not wipe out your channels (unless you choose to delete the channel data during the un-install), however it may appear to do so.

NewsBreak does not search for channel data when it is installed (Note that under WM5 or newer, NewsBreak is always un-installed in order to do an over-install).  If you had placed your channels on a storage card and un-installed NewsBreak, NewsBreak will not see those channels immediately when you re-install.

To find your channels, go to the Data Storage option and choose to move your channels to the storage card. NewsBreak will ask if you want to use the channel data already present on the card. Answer “Yes” and your channels should be restored.

Alternately, you can simply re-import them using the “Import from OPML” option in the New Channel wizard.