How to move eWallet data onto a new device

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I just got a new phone/tablet — how do I move my eWallet® information over? You might have just upgraded to a new phone or tablet and perhaps even switched platforms (iPhone to Android or Android to iPhone) in the process.

First you’ll need the eWallet application on your new device. If you’re staying within the same device family, there’s typically not a charge from the app store (Apple App Store or Google Play store) if you have already purchased an eWallet license from that store. You simply need to go to the appropriate app store, login with the same account you used when you purchased the license initially, then download eWallet to your new device.

Next, you’ll want a copy of your data on the new device – there are three basic options for doing this:

1. Via Cloud Sync

This is the easiest and most common option. If you are already syncing with the cloud, then simply configure eWallet on your new device to sync with that same wallet in the cloud. Once you do that, you’ll automatically have a local copy of the wallet synced to your new device.

2. Via Local Wi-Fi Sync

If you’re using local Wi-Fi sync between a PC or Mac and your old device, you can add a new sync location and start syncing that Windows or Mac with your new iPhone or iPad. And if your new device is an Android phone or tablet, you can configure your Windows or Mac to sync with it as well.

3. Via Email / Direct Transfer

Finally, if the sync options aren’t what you need, you can use eWallet’s built-in facility for emailing (or whatever the platform supports, such as AirDrop) yourself a wallet from your old/current device:

  1. Open your wallet on your device
  2. Tap the More (3 dots / ellipsis) icon
  3. Tap the “Share/Back Up Wallet” selection
  4. If sending via email, enter your own email address and press Send (on Android, you need to choose your email app as well)

Now on the new device open the email you send yourself, tap on the attachment, and if prompted choose eWallet to open the attachment.

(On Android, if your particular device does not recognize the wallet file extension, then save the wallet file attachment to somewhere like the Downloads folder. Then in eWallet with no wallet open, tap More (3 dots) → Import → Explore and select the wallet you saved earlier. Once you’ve successfully imported the wallet, you can delete the copy you temporarily saved in the Downloads folder.)

If you need help with any of this, just let us know.

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