FAQ: Why can't I sync my Android device using a USB cable?

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The information in the section below is for eWallet for Android versions earlier than 8.0, and eWallet for Windows versions earlier than 8.1. As of eWallet 8.0+ for Android and eWallet 8.1+ for Windows, USB sync is no longer supported. eWallet now offers either cloud sync or WiFi sync.

Archive information for older Android devices

Only Android devices that are able to enter USB Mass Storage Mode are able to use our USB synchronization instructions to sync.  USB Mass Storage Mode mounts your Android device to your computer as a removable drive. This allows eWallet to synchronize data to your device through your USB cable without the installation of any extra drivers.

Many Android devices now use the Android Operating System Jellybean (4.x) or newer. These Android OS 4.x and newer have been  updated to now support the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) and PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) connection type instead of USB Mass Storage Mode.

If you have an Android device that has a MTP/PTP connection type, you will need to use our cloud or Wi-Fi sync instructions to synchronize your Android device with a Mac or PC. You can find those instructions here:

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