FAQ: Can I sync wallets between multiple mobile devices?

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Yes, you can sync eWallet® wallet files between multiple mobile devices and even multiple computers, as long as you have licensed copies of eWallet running where you need them. Using eWallet’s built-in Cloud Sync, each device or computer would sync against a master wallet in the cloud. Here are just a few examples where you may want to have the same wallet files in multiple locations:

  • An iPhone and an iPad
  • An Android phone and an Android tablet
  • An iPhone and an Android device
  • Multiple Macs or multiple Windows PCs
  • A mix of Macs and Windows PCs
  • A Mac and one or more Android or Apple mobile devices
  • A Windows PC and one or more Android or Apple mobile devices

See Sync information by platform for supported cloud services. See Setting up eWallet’s Cloud Sync (Summary) for one-time setup instructions.

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  • iPad
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  • iPhone
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  • macOS
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