SyncPro® is our technology for synchronizing information between wallets. With SyncPro you can change cards in your wallets on different platforms and your changes are synchronized so you have the information you need everywhere. SyncPro includes two main types of sync: Cloud Sync and Direct Sync.

Cloud Sync

Our newest addition to SyncPro is the use of cloud technology as a central location for backing up and synchronizing your wallets.

eWallet Cloud Sync diagram

With cloud sync there is no need for a direct connection between devices to sync – and of course you can also use cloud sync as one method of creating backup files of your wallet and get it stored safely off-device and off-site.

How does cloud sync work? The cloud version of your wallet file is stored in a cloud service (Apple’s iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive, depending on the platform). This file can be considered the “master” version that can be used to keep devices with this feature up-to-date. Instead of synchronizing directly between two devices, each device or computer syncs with the cloud.

The Cloud Sync option is currently available in the eWallet for Windows, eWallet for macOS, eWallet for Android, and eWallet for iPhone & iPad versions.

To get started with Cloud Sync, see these one-time setup instructions.

Direct Sync

For those who don’t want to use the cloud (or can’t for some reason), we also offer Direct Sync on some platforms. Direct Sync (sometimes called Device Sync) allows you to synchronize wallet information between a computer (a Windows PC or Mac) and a mobile device directly, without using any cloud services in the middle to store the wallet.

Direct Sync allows you to synchronize, for example, directly between and Mac or PC and an iPhone, using a local Wi-Fi network.

Other Types of Sync

On some platforms we also offer syncing between a computer and a folder (USB storage or network attached storage, for example) and in some cases we offer FTP sync for synchronizing with a FTP server.

See our Knowledge base article for what types of sync or supported for each platform.

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