FAQ: What's my password? What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

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Only you know the password to your own wallet file.

When you first create a wallet you are prompted to enter a password to protect your wallet file. Unless you later changed it, whatever password you entered when you created the file is your password now.

If you haven’t yet created your own file, you’re probably still using the My Wallet file we provided when the software was installed:

  • In eWallet versions 6.0 and 5.0, the included My Wallet sample file did not use a password. If you are asked for a password when opening My Wallet.wlt, either you or someone else set the password. 
  •  In earlier versions of eWallet (assuming that you didn’t change the password) the default password was 123.

If you are not sure you are accessing the correct wallet file see the Where did my wallet file go? article for more information on returning to the list of wallet files on your device.

Help, I’ve forgotten my password! How do I start over?

Ilium Software cannot recover or reset your password for you under any circumstance. At no point do we ever have access to your wallet password, and there are no back-doors into the software or ways for our developers to override your wallet encryption.

If you really have forgotten your password, see if you can open eWallet on your device or on another computer you sync with. If you change your eWallet password in one location, synchronization will not continue until you also change the password wherever you sync your wallet to. If you can open your wallet file somewhere else, copy it back to your computer or set eWallet to ‘overwrite’ the accessible wallet on top of the one you cannot open.

If you cannot open any wallet files, you will need to create a new wallet file and re-enter your information. You do not need to re-install eWallet to do this. Simply go to File → New Wallet on the desktop/laptop.

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