FAQ: Where did my wallet file go?


If you have been using an established wallet file on eWallet for Android or eWallet for iPhone & iPad but suddenly find that your wallet appears empty, you may have accidentally created a new and empty wallet file.

Or, if your password is not unlocking your wallet file as expected, you may be trying to unlock the wrong wallet file.

The easiest way to double check which file you are trying to access is to return to the complete list of wallet files on your device.

To do so:

  1. Open the eWallet app on your mobile device
  2. Do not enter the password for the wallet file
  3. Instead tap “Wallets” on iPhones/iPads or the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner on Android devices to return to the list of wallet files on your device

At the list of wallet files, you can check to be sure how many wallet files you have on your device. If you have any wallet files with duplicate names, they may contain different data. They may also require different passwords to unlock.

Please be sure you are trying to open your usual wallet file with your usual password.

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