HOWTO: Set eWallet to lock automatically on iPhone & iPad

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Instructions for setting a wallet to automatically lock after sitting idle for a period of time.

Before you can set eWallet’s security features you will need to set a password for the wallet. If you haven’t done this and aren’t sure how, please see the instructions for setting or changing a password.

  1. Unlock your wallet with your password
  2. Tap More (3 dots) then “Security Settings”
  3. Turn on “Lock when inactive”
  4. Tap “Lock when inactive for x minutes”
  5. Select the amount of time you want to pass before eWallet locks itself
  6. Tap Back

There’s also an additional application-wide setting:

  1. Tap More (3 dots) then “App Settings”
  2. Turn Lock on Suspend On if you want to lock your wallet every time eWallet is not the active app
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