HOWTO: How to download and install eWallet for Android

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To install eWallet for Android, you’ll find it in the Google Play store, then purchase and install the app onto your phone. You can also find eWallet in the Amazon Appstore.

If you have already purchased eWallet for Android and are re-downloading, be sure to use the same Store log-in you used for your initial purchase:

  1. Log in to the Store
  2. Tap your avatar
  3. Choose “My apps & games”
  4. Tap the icon next to eWallet

 * To use Wi-Fi sync with the Android eWallet you must have eWallet 7.4 or later installed on your Windows PC.
 * Or, if you are using eWallet 8.0 or later on your Android device and want to synchronize eWallet using Wi-Fi or Cloud Sync via Dropbox, you will need eWallet 8.1 or later on your Windows PC (desktop) or Mac.

You can find out about the latest versions of eWallet here: 

eWallet Upgrade Information

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