HOWTO: Access files from Network drives in Windows 8/RT eWallet

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When you use the file browser to open a wallet file that is saved on a network drive, you need to enter file path to the network drive into the file browser.

To open a file saved on a network drive:

Start eWallet and choose to open an existing wallet.

Click the Files drop-down and select Network.

  • This “Files > Network” screen may look blank, but there’s a text box along the bottom edge of the screen.

In the text box at the bottom of the screen, enter the file path for the network drive where your wallet is saved.

  • The file path for your network drive should look like: \\<drive name>\filepath

Click Go.

Alternatively, if you enter only the network drive’s name (\\<drive name>), you’ll be brought to the base of the drive and can navigate through the folders manually until you find your wallet file.

  • Windows (store app)