FAQ: Why don't my Linked background images or picture cards work in eWallet for Mac?

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eWallet 7 for Mac looks for Linked background images in a different location than the eWallet Mac Preview. The old location was:

/Users/<your username>/Documents/eWallet/Graphics and Sounds/

The new location is:

/Users/<your username>/Library/Application Support/Ilium Software/eWallet/Images

If you move your linked images into that folder, eWallet will see them and display them on your cards.

Note: You are no longer able to add or changed linked images for cards in eWallet for Mac. We suggest that you Insert them instead, which copies them into the wallet file itself and encrypts them. Inserted images will sync to any folder locations you sync to, and any Apple iOS devices you sync to. In addition, inserted images are encrypted, whereas linked images are not encrypted since they are simply stored on your hard drive as separate files.

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