FAQ: Why does the eWallet for macOS Trial installer ask for my administrator password?

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eWallet’s free 30-day trial installation software will install the application into your Mac’s global Applications folder - that’s the Applications folder that your Finder window has a shortcut to, and which you will see at the top level when you open your Mac’s hard drive in the Finder.

In order to do that, it has to ask you for an administrator password (your user account password if your account is an administrator, or the username and password for a separate administrator account if your account is a limited user.)

This is completely normal and does not indicate that eWallet is attempting to modify important system files. eWallet’s installation process does not install any files into your Mac’s /System folder — it installs the application into /Applications.

If you don’t want eWallet installed to the global Applications folder (/Applications), allow the install to place the application there and move it to your user-only Applications (/Users/YourUsername/Applications).

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