FAQ: What does upgrading my eWallet desktop software do to my current eWallet data?

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Nothing!  Installing the eWallet program on top of itself or upgrading to a new version will not overwrite or delete your existing data data.

eWallet will not delete your wallet file, even when installing an upgrade. The only way to delete your file is to delete it from your computer yourself.

When installing an upgrade:

You may be asked to convert your eWallet data to a newer format, but all of your existing data will be available in the updated file.

Note: Windows Mobile 5 and newer requires that existing software be uninstalled when installing an update. If you have a My Wallet.wlt file in My Documents on your PDA, eWallet will ask if you want to keep or delete it while the uninstall process runs. Choose to keep your file unless you know for certain that it does not contain your data.

After you’ve installed a new version of eWallet:

In some cases, the new installation of the eWallet software may open up a sample wallet file instead of your usual wallet file.

However, you should be able to access all of your previous files.

If eWallet opens a sample wallet on your desktop:


First, open eWallet and click on the **File** menu. Above the **Exit** option, you will see one more more numbered items. \#1 is the file currently open in eWallet.  Any others are previously-used files; your usual wallet file may be one of them\!


If none of those files is your wallet file, but you know where the file is saved to on your computer, go to **File** -\> **Open Wallet** and browse your computer until you locate your file.


If you still can't find your file, you may need to search your PC. Do a Windows search for all files ending in .WLT, then double-click on any of the search results to open files in eWallet.

**Keep in mind, that eWallet saves your wallet (.WLT) files to your Documents folder on your computer by default**


If eWallet opens a sample wallet on your Windows Mobile PDA:

  • If your Windows Mobile PDA has a touch screen, tap OK until you see the Wallets list. Make sure you are looking at All Folders, and then you should see your wallet file.  If you are syncing the file, its icon will have green sync arrows around it.
  • If your Windows Mobile PDA doesn’t have a touch screen, pick Menu -> Open Wallet, and you should see your wallet. If you are syncing the file, its icon will have green arrows around it.
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