FAQ: How do I convert my existing eWallet data to work with eWallet for macOS?

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eWallet for macOS uses the same wallet (.wlt) file type that the Android, iPhone & iPad, and Windows versions of eWallet use to encrypt and store your data.

However, the macOS version of eWallet can only open version 6.1.3 and 7.x eWallet files.  If you have a wallet file from any earlier version of eWallet, you will need to use the Windows version of eWallet to update your file to a more recent format.  When your wallet file is in a more recent format, you will be able to directly open the file using Mac eWallet.

Note: If you have a wallet file from eWallet version 1.0, congratulations on being a long-time customer!  However, to upgrade your file, you will need to contact us for instructions on how to upgrade from eWallet 1.0.  

If your current wallet file is on an iPhone or iPad, you can synchronize the data to your Mac. For instructions, see here.

If you have a current (6.1.3 or 7.x) version wallet file:

  1. Copy and paste your wallet file from its current location into your Documents folder on your Mac computer
  2. Double click on your .wlt file to open it in the macOS version of eWallet

If you have an existing wallet file from a previous version:

  1. Download the latest trial version of eWallet for Windows PC here
  2. Use it to open and update your file to the latest file type
  3. Copy and paste the resulting file to your Documents folder on your Mac
  4. Double click your updated .WLT file to open it in the Mac OS X version of eWallet
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