FAQ: How can I make custom templates in eWallet for iOS


Unfortunately, the iOS version of eWallet does not yet support customized templates.

However, if you are using the Desktop version of eWallet, any of the cards that you create on the Desktop version using your specific template will synchronize into your iOS devices with all of the customized field names and types that you have set.

Alternatively, you can create a blank card on your Windows PC wallet file using your desired custom template.  Then, synchronize your wallet with your iOS device.  Whenever you need to create a new card of that customized template on your iOS version you can COPY and PASTE the blank card into whatever category you need in order to use it as a template for creating a new card.

To copy and paste a card on your iOS device:

  1. Tap and hold on a card in your wallet file and choose to COPY.
  2. Navigate to the category that you’d like to place the new card in.
  3. Tap More (…) and then tap “Paste Card from Clipboard”.
  4. Now edit this card to fill it with the data that you want.
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