INFO: Synchronization with SyncPro is sometimes very slow on Windows Mobile

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The actual synchronization of your eWallet data takes only a couple of seconds, but eWallet has to start and stop connections with whatever location you are synchronizing with, as well as transfer your actual wallet files back and forth.

Setting a wallet to overwrite in one direction or another rather than synchronizing takes much longer than simply synchronizing. With an overwrite, eWallet always recopies all the information from the source to the destination each time you sync which can significantly slow down synchronization. An overwrite synchronization also copies the ’target wallet’ (the one you are overwriting onto) back onto your PC in order to back it up, which may take several seconds. Setting your wallets to synchronize with your sync locations (instead of overwrite) should speed up the sync time.

Also, some Windows Mobile devices and remote locations are simply slow to transfer data. This is especially true of older Windows Mobile Smartphones, and FTP locations if you are using a slow internet connection.

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