ERROR: Installation of [your product] was unsuccessful on a Windows Mobile 5.0 device

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There is currently an issue with the way that Windows Mobile 5.0 handles installing any software that may result in a failed installation if your device does not have enough available memory to complete part of the install. To correctly install our software if the installation fails the first time, soft-reset your device and try again.

Microsoft is aware of this issue and has resolved it in the latest updates for Windows Mobile 5.0 that are available to device manufacturers. Make sure you’re using the latest updates for your device.

If you are still having trouble installing after just a soft-reset, try the steps below to minimize the number of applications running on your PDA before installing or uninstalling:

  1. Turn your device off, wait 30 seconds, then turn it on again and perform a soft-reset

  2. Place your PDA into ‘flight mode’, or otherwise turn off the Phone radio, Wi-Fi radio, or Bluetooth if so equipped

  3. Stop all running programs except ActiveSync. On a Pocket PC, go to Start -> Settings -> System -> Memory -> Running Programs. On a Smartphone, use your favorite task manager program, or the one included with your phone

  4. Temporarily disable any third-party Today screen plug-ins on your Pocket PC, or home screen plug-ins on your Smartphone

If you still cannot install, make sure you are trying to install using the correct version of the program. Installing the Smartphone version on a Pocket PC or vice versa will not work properly and may lead to this error.