ERROR: I set up SyncPro but my information isn't synchronizing with my Windows Mobile device

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If you do not receive any error message, it is very likely you are opening a wallet that is not set to synchronize.  Check in the lower left corner of the eWallet window on the desktop. If “Not set to synchronize” is displayed, it means that this file is not currently set to sync.

If you see a synchronization status in the lower right corner, this wallet is set to synchronize with SyncPro. The status should indicate whether the last synchronization attempt was a success or a failure. If a failure is indicated, click on the status icon to open the Sync Log.

On a Windows Mobile PDA, go to Menu -> Open Wallet to view the list of wallets. Wallets that sync have green arrows around their icons; unsynced wallets have the regular ’two cards’ wallet file icon.

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