FAQ: I can't find my wallet on my Windows Mobile device after setting up synchronization

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eWallet 6.0 is designed to open the last wallet you have set up to sync with your mobile device automatically, but you may not always see the program open the wallet you are looking for.

First, make sure that you ran SyncPro after setting up synchronization. You can run SyncPro from the Synchronize menu in the Windows PC version of eWallet. If you set up a new wallet file on your PC to sync, eWallet 6.0 will automatically open it on your PDA the next time you use eWallet.

Next, you may be looking at the last wallet you were using rather than the one that is synchronizing with your Windows Mobile device. To see all the wallet files on your device, choose Menu -> Open Wallet. This displays a list of all the wallets on your Windows Mobile device. If synchronization was successful your wallet will be listed here.

You can also see the file list on a Pocket PC (touch screen) by tapping the OK button in the upper right, when you are looking at the list of cards in a wallet.

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