HOWTO: How to sync data from a PC to a new or reset Windows Mobile device

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If you have eWallet data on your desktop PC already, but need to restore it to a new Windows Mobile device or one that has been reset:

First, install eWallet onto your Windows Mobile device.

Next, do the steps below to set your data to overwrite from your computer to the device:

  1. Connect your PDA, then open the desktop eWallet you wish to sync with
  2. Choose the Synchronize menu
  3. Choose the Setup item
  4. Right-click on the name of the device that you want to sync with. The proper device will have (Connected) in the name.
  5. Choose “Wallet Overwrites Device
  6. Choose OK to finish the Setup window
  7. Synchronize eWallet

To resume back and forth synchronization, you will need to return to the Setup window and set the sync direction for your device to “Wallet Synchronizes with Device”.

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