FAQ: How Do I Get Started Using SyncPro with a Windows Mobile device?

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You can use SyncPro to synchronize with remote locations and removable storage devices as soon as you’ve installed eWallet. To use SyncPro with a Windows Mobile device, you must have eWallet installed on the device as well.

When you make a new wallet file in eWallet, you’ll be asked if you want to Synchronize the wallet. Saying “Yes” will take you to the synchronization setup window. To start using SyncPro with an existing wallet file (including the samples installed with eWallet), just choose Setup from eWallet’s Synchronize menu (or Sync Manager, Add or Device Sync, in eWallet v8.0 for WinPC).

Using SyncPro to synchronize your wallet with a Windows Mobile device may require eWallet to move that file out of your File Synchronization folders on both your mobile device and your Windows PC. eWallet will do this automatically if required, and eWallet will remember to open your wallet file from its new location on both your PC and PDA.

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