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Windows Mobile Touchscreen Tips

Read tips for non-touchscreen devices

  • On your Pocket PC, just Hold your Stylus on any card, category or filename. You’ll see a menu of actions you can do with that object.

  • On your Windows PC, use your right mouse button to quickly copy any one field to your clipboard to paste into browser forms and other programs. You can store your major credit card numbers however you like to see them (including spaces or hyphens). eWallet will display them as you entered them, but copy them with only numbers for easier use with browsers.

  • Get graphics in JPEG (.jpg) or BITMAP (.bmp) format from any website, and link them to your cards, using the Graphics tab on the Card Properties window.

  • Make your own custom cards in eWallet by renaming fields, and saving your cards as templates. Then you can make new cards from your own templates.

  • Our suggested Category names and icons are just suggestions. You can name a category any name you want, and choose any icon (of the ones that we supply) and any default card type.

  • eWallet puts all cards in Categories. When you make a new wallet, it will contain a category called My Cards (or Cards). You can create a new card quickly from any view by holding your stylus on any category name or icon, and choosing New Card from the popup menu.

  • If you want to combine cards that are in more than one wallet file on your Windows PC, you can open more than one file at once using different windows (just double-click on each wallet file), then quickly copy and paste cards between them.

  • Another way to combine cards from multiple wallets in eWallet 6.0 and 5.0 is to synchronize the wallets together. Setup sync partnerships between the wallets, synchronize, and then turn off synchronization between the wallets. When you are finished, the cards in the wallets will be combined.

  • Use eWallet’s Make Backup or Create Copy pick to easily make a backup of any eWallet file. It’s a good idea to do this regularly, especially if you’re using File Synchronization to synchronize with a mobile device. You never know when you might want to retrieve something you deleted accidentally.

  • You can get many more tips in the Windows PC version of eWallet’s Help file.

Windows Mobile Non-touchscreen Tips

Making Cards and Wallet Files: Although you can make cards on your phone, the easiest way to make eWallet files and cards on your Smartphone is to use eWallet on your Windows PC and then to synchronize the wallet to your phone.

  • You can use SyncPro to synchronize your files right to your Smartphone.

  • If you have eWallet cards or files on a Pocket PC, you can synchronize both devices to your Windows PC or beam them to your phone using your IR ports on both devices.

  • Beam whole files using File Explorer on your Pocket PC, and Infrared Receive on your Smartphone. Beam individual cards and folders using Send Card and Receive Card from the menus within eWallet.

  • Files used by eWallet 6.0, 5.0, 4.0, 3.1 and 3.0 on Windows PCs and Pocket PCs are fully compatible with the same version of eWallet on the Smartphones. If you have bought eWallet on a Smartphone and would like another version, you can add it for just $10.00 using our Special Order Form.

Editing Cards: When editing cards in eWallet, scroll to the field you want to change, and push the action button to activate that field for entry. When done, push the action button again to return to selecting a field.

Entering Information: Whenever you’re entering information on your Smartphone, you are either in text or number mode. You can switch between number and text modes by holding down the star (asterisk) key. You’ll see an indicator (123, abc or T9) in the Smartphone’s title bar/status area of what mode you’re in at any time.

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