Sync eWallet for Android with eWallet for Windows via USB

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The information in the section below is for eWallet for Android versions earlier than 8.0, and eWallet for Windows versions earlier than 8.1. As of eWallet for Android 8.0 and eWallet for Windows 8.1, USB sync is no longer supported. eWallet now offers either cloud sync or Wi-Fi sync.

Synchronization with eWallet for Android via USB requires: (Wi-Fi sync also available)

  • an Android device with USB Mass Storage,  Android OS version 2.1 or newer — or a Kindle Fire
  • a USB connection (Mass Storage, not MTP)
  • a storage card in your Android device
  • eWallet 7.2 (or newer) on your Windows PC.  If you have a license for eWallet 7 for Windows already, download the latest version here.  If you have a license for an older version of eWallet (version 6 and older), you can get the latest version here.

Before attempting to set up synchronization, make sure you have run eWallet on your Android device at least once.  (After syncing, your device must be  DISCONNECTED  from USB in order to run eWallet on your Android device. )

To set up sync the first time:

  1. Connect your Android device to your PC via USB.
  2. Set your device to connect via USB Mass Storage. In general, you will need to consult your phone’s documentation for how to do this correctly, as every Android phone can be different. If you are having trouble, see the section below on USB Mass Storage mode.
  3. Open eWallet on your PC and click the “Home” tab.
  4. Click the “Setup” button inside the Synchronize part of the ribbon toolbar.
  5. Click the “Add” button, then click on “Android”. Your connected device will appear with a long name like “200145da5557b86e”. That name uniquely identifies your Android device. You can enter in your own “Location Name” if you want. Then, click on the device listing and click “OK”.
  6. eWallet will ask if you want to synchronize now. Click “Yes”.

 To synchronize after setting up sync:

  1. Connect your Android device to your PC via USB.
  2. Open the Notifications area at the top of the Android display and tap on “USB Connected”, then tap “Mount”. NOTE: Newer HTC phones will automatically detect the connection and open a menu. Choose “Disk Drive” from the menu.
  3. In eWallet on the PC, click the “Sync Now” button in the Home toolbar.

USB Mass Storage Mode:

eWallet requires that your phone be connected as a USB Mass Storage device in order to synchronize. Each different Android phone can implement USB Mass Storage differently in terms of where the settings are for it and whether the phone automatically ‘mounts’ its storage card or internal storage when you plug it in. This makes it hard for us to give you instructions on exactly what button to press on what screen.

When you connect your Android phone to your computer via USB, you should be prompted for the USB connection type. If you are, choose “USB Mass Storage” or “Disk Drive”.  eWallet’s USB sync does not support MTP (use Wi-Fi sync instead).

If you are not prompted for the connection type, consult the documentation for your phone to see how to enable USB Mass Storage mode correctly to copy files back and forth with your phone. 

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