ERROR: Invalid field ID 0x802A for this card kind.

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“Invalid field ID 0x802A for this card kind.”

If you are seeing the above error message, first make sure you have the very latest version of eWallet installed:

Open eWallet on the PC, choose the “i” icon, and click “Check for updates”.

After updating your eWallet software:

  1. Open eWallet and open your wallet.
  2. Click in the Search box above the card/category list.
  3. Type  :debugflags  and press Enter. You’ll see the DebugFlags window open up.
  4. Click the User tab, then check “Silently Fix invalid card fields”.
  5. Close DebugFlags and restart eWallet.
  6. Unless you want to edit each card right now, just leave the fix enabled.
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