INFO: I have a Sonicwall firewall/router and I cannot sync my iPhone!

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Some models of wireless router/firewall devices from Sonicwall will block Apple’s Bonjour service, and thus block eWallet sync from working.

So far, we have identified the TZ-190 and TZ-150 as devices that block Bonjour. As far as we know, the router cannot be configured to allow Bonjour; it’s inherent to the design of the router.

If you have one of these routers, you will need to use an ad-hoc wireless network to sync with your iPhone or  iPod Touch. An ad-hoc network requires that you have a wireless network adapter connected to your computer (built-in, as a PC Card or Express card, or via USB.)

To set up an ad-hoc network on your Windows Vista computer:

To set up your iPhone or iPod to connect to the network, just go to Settings → Wi-Fi and choose the network you just created from the list that will appear.

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