FAQ: eWallet does not ask for my password when I open the program on my iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

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eWallet 7.2 now supports iOS 4.x’s multitasking feature (compatible devices only; iPhone 3G S and newer, iPod touch 3rd generation and newer, and the iPad with iOS 4.)

By default, eWallet 7.2 is set to not lock your wallet when you switch to another program or switch back to the home screen. Instead, it will set your wallet to lock after a 5-minute timeout unless you had already configured a different timeout value. This allows you to copy and paste data into other applications without having to constantly re-enter your wallet password.

If you want eWallet to lock every time you switch away from it, go to your phone’s Settings app, then eWallet, then enable “Lock On Suspend”.

On the iPhone 3G or first iPhone model, iPod touch second or first generation, and the iPad with iOS 3.2, the “Lock On Suspend” option will be present but will have no effect. On those devices, eWallet will always lock whenever you return to the home screen.

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