INFO: Differences between FlexWallet and eWallet

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eWallet and FlexWallet 2006 have some important differences:

  • Templates: FlexWallet 2006 has templates that are linked to cards created using them; eWallet’s templates are only used when actually creating a new card. This means that editing an eWallet template does not change existing cards in your wallet while editing a FlexWallet template does change the cards made with that template. eWallet uses one set of templates for all wallets, whereas FlexWallet uses a different set of templates for each FlexWallet wallet file.
  • Password Keypad: FlexWallet 2006 offers a choice between a custom on-screen numeric keypad and a custom on-screen alphabet keyboard on a Windows Mobile device; eWallet offers a custom numeric keypad and uses the standard Windows Mobile software keyboard or the hardware keyboard to enter letters and other characters.
  • File and Image Attachments: eWallet offers file attachments and card background images; FlexWallet offers only textual card data.
  • Field Customization: FlexWallet lets you change the field type and allows you to create templates with a custom field set; eWallet allows you to change the field name and type, and allows you to create customized templates using existing card templates as the starting point. eWallet imports and supports all customized FlexWallet templates and cards including changes to field type.
  • Supported Platforms: eWallet is currently available for Windows Mobile, Windows XP, Windows Vista, BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone OS devices; FlexWallet was available for Windows Mobile, Desktop Windows and BlackBerry devices.
  • Synchronization: eWallet’s SyncPro synchronization can sync to local folder locations, other computers on the network, removable storage devices and FTP/SFTP servers on the internet, in addition to Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone OS devices, and Android; FlexWallet could synchronize to Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices.