ERROR: Card with that name already exists in category.

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“Card with that name already exists in category.”

Generally, we only see this sync error when two cards within a single category in your Android wallet file have the same name.  eWallet for Windows PC does require that each card within a category have a unique name.  Unfortunately, on older versions of eWallet for Android, users were able to set two ALMOST identical names for cards within their file.

On an Android, if you have two cards named “Card 1” and “card 1”  the difference in capitalization would make each card count as a unique name.  But when syncing this to a PC, the discrepancy would result in the error that you see.  However, if you have the latest version of eWallet (7.6.1) installed to your Android, eWallet should not allow two cards to have such similar names within one category.

To Resolve this error, you may need to check inside your categories to try and locate two cards with similar names.  Alternatively, if your PC copy of the file has all of your most up-to-date information you can try RENAMING** the wallet file currently on your Android and syncing a fresh copy of your wallet file from the PC onto your Android device.

**Deleting the wallet file from within eWallet on the Android does not always work, even though it appears to go away, so rename the wallet on the Android out of the way, so you can sync a fresh copy of your desktop wallet with the PC.  After you have successfully synced a fresh copy of your PC’s file to your Android, you can delete the renamed wallet on your Android any time.

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