INFO: Special instructions for upgrading to eWallet on BlackBerry

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eWallet is an important upgrade that you should install on your BlackBerry device if you have an older version of eWallet already installed.

When upgrading, you may run into some issues due to how BlackBerry Desktop Manager and the BlackBerry operating system work.

  • To properly upgrade eWallet on your BlackBerry through BlackBerry Desktop Manager, eWallet must be running on your device before you install the upgraded version of eWallet. Otherwise, you may receive a Fatal Error and the upgrade will not install.
  • To avoid a compatibility error message when synchronizing, you will need to disable and re-enable the “eWallet Synchronizer” in BlackBerry Desktop Manager’s add-in configuration.
  • If you have a BlackBerry Storm (95xx), you will need to manually disable Compatibility Mode on your BlackBerry, or else the program will run in a backwards-compatibility mode that makes the software difficult to operate with the touch screen.
  • BlackBerry 7