FAQ: I don't see the eWallet Synchronizer add-in or the Add-Ins option for my BlackBerry!

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If you do not see the eWallet Synchronizer sync add-in for BlackBerry Desktop, re-install the latest version of eWallet on your Windows PC.

Note: eWallet can only sync between Windows PC and a BlackBerry. You cannot sync a Mac with eWallet for BlackBerry.

eWallet’s “eWallet Synchronizer” add-in will normally appear in “Add-Ins” if you have BlackBerry Desktop 6 or newer, or Synchronize -> Add-Ins if you have BlackBerry Desktop Manager 5 or earlier.

If you do not see the “eWallet Synchronizer”, close BlackBerry Desktop/BlackBerry Desktop Manager, and run the latest eWallet installation file. You can download the latest version from our eWallet downloads page.

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