FAQ: How do I avoid a Fatal Error when installing the eWallet upgrade through Blackberry Desktop Manager?

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If you are upgrading from an earlier version of eWallet on your BlackBerry to version, you may receive a “Fatal Error” from Application Loader. This error occurs if you are trying to install via BlackBerry Desktop Manager’s Application Loader, but the eWallet program is not running on your BlackBerry device.

Note: These steps are not required if eWallet is not installed yet on your BlackBerry. If eWallet is not installed yet, just run Application Loader and place a checkmark next to eWallet, then finish the Application Loader wizard.

To prevent a “Fatal Error” when installing the upgrade to your BlackBerry using Application Loader:

  1. Launch eWallet on your BlackBerry device
  2. Leave the program displaying on screen
  3. Connect your device to your computer
  4. Run Application Loader in BlackBerry Desktop Manager. You will see eWallet listed as an “Upgrade”, with version

Note: You will not see eWallet on BlackBerry’s screen when Application Loader is connected to your BlackBerry. This is normal.

  • BlackBerry 7