HOWTO: Download and Install eWallet for BlackBerry

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You can install eWallet for BlackBerry through your Windows PC using BlackBerry Desktop Software. You can also install over the air onto your BlackBerry.

Instructions (BlackBerry Desktop Software 6)

  1. Close BlackBerry Desktop Software
  2. Download the installer (.EXE file) after purchasing, or from our eWallet trials page.
  3. Run the installer. Your browser may ask you to run it after downloading, or save it to the Downloads folder.
  4. After the installer finishes, open BlackBerry Desktop Software and connect your BlackBerry
  5. In BlackBerry Desktop Software, click “Applications”. You will see a list of applications installed on your BlackBerry, and available to install.
  6. Look for eWallet. If it is not installed on the BlackBerry yet, you will see a “+” at the right of its listing. Click the “+”. (If eWallet is not listed at all, see the Over the Air instructions below.)
  7. Click “Apply” in the lower right of the Applications window. This will install eWallet (and any other software updates). It may reboot your BlackBerry.

Instructions (Over The Air)

  1. Go to our eWallet trials page on your BlackBerry, using its web browser.
  2. Scroll down to “If you need to install directly to your BlackBerry…”, and then click on the link matching the operating system running on your BlackBerry. Your BlackBerry will download and install the app, and reboot if required.
  • BlackBerry 7