HOWTO: Getting Started with ListPro

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About ListPro

ListPro is a robust, list-making tool kit. You can easily make simple checklists, but the real power of ListPro is the ability to completely customize your lists. You can create unique lists that perfectly fit your needs. With ListPro a little work lets you have the perfect list-making experience.

Understanding Files, Lists, Items, and Portals

Throughout this tutorial and the ListPro technical support database, we talk about Files, Lists, Items, and Portals. These are four different ways in which ListPro stores your information.

Files: Under Custom Lists in the Home view, you’ll see a list of ListPro files. Think of files like the drawer in a real-life filing cabinet. Each file can contain lots of lists, just like a filing cabinet drawer can hold lots of individual sheets of paper. You might have one file where you keep all your lists, or lots of different files for different types of lists.

**Lists: **A ListPro list is just like a real-life list, the kind you write out on a sheet of paper. Just like in real life, in ListPro, you might have a grocery list showing things you need to buy, a list of your DVDs in your movie collection, or any other sort of list you might need. ListPro lists are saved in both ListPro custom list files and in Portals.

**Items: **Items are the individual items in your list. For a grocery list, each item would be a type of food you need to buy, or for your movie collection list, each item would be the title of a film. Items in ListPro aren’t limited to one line or column. A ListPro item in a DVD Collection list might include the title, length, rating, a link to the studio’s website, and a picture of the DVD’s cover.

Portals: Portals are a way to easily create lists for some of the most common list-making tasks. They offer a specialized set of features and functions, specifically suited to a single task. This makes lists in a Portal much easier to work with, but it does limit what you can do with the list. By right clicking on a portal list in the tree view, you can export the list to a custom list file.

ListPro for Windows PC

ListPro is also available for Windows PC. With ListPro for Windows PC you can create, use, and edit lists on your desktop computer, and then synchronize those lists with your iPhone or iPod touch. ListPro for Windows is available from our site.

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