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The Easiest Way to Get — and Stay — Organized

ListPro® is your blueprint for the perfect list. From simple shopping lists, to customized lists for your own specific needs, ListPro for Windows has you covered.

Build a Fully Customized List Library: If a simple checklist won’t suit your needs, don’t worry! ListPro can handle whatever you throw at it, from a quick to-do list to a complex micro-database, and everything in between.

  • Save time, get organized, and make life easier with ListPro!

  • Use ListPro's convenient Portals, or make your own custom lists

  • Keep a reusable shopping list (or any list) that you can easily filter from a complete master list

  • Just click the flag to show you only the items you need right now

  • Item view shows the details

  • Use ListPro for planning and tracking!

  • Create innovative lists to meet your needs

  • Track and categorize expenses too!

  • Keep reference info handy in your lists

  • Sync all your lists with the optional ListPro for iPhone

  • Quickly get started with a short tour

Make Lists That Perfectly Fit Your Needs

You want a list with checkboxes, dates, and calculated columns, to name a few? ListPro can do that. You need outlining, indenting, and highlighting in your list? It’s all at your fingertips. ListPro can be customized almost any way you can imagine.

Create Your Lists in a Few Simple Steps

List Portals make it easier than ever to create some of the most popular types of lists. Each portal is geared toward a specific type of list making experience, with templates, controls, and features specially selected for lists of a particular type.

And with the optional ListPro for iPhone version, you can sync your lists between your iPhone and ListPro on your Windows desktop or laptop.

The Ultimate List-Making Tool Kit

Use ListPro to build the exact list you want to work with, including:

  • Shopping Lists
  • To-Do’s
  • Business Expenses
  • Presentations
  • Hobbies
  • Errands
  • Packing Lists
  • Getting Things Done™
  • Collections
  • Work Projects
  • Outlines
  • Event Planning
  • Class Assignments
  • Recipes
  • Reference Info

Use ListPro with confidence! ListPro has been an award-winning app for years on other platforms. If you have questions, our knowledgeable, in-house tech support will answer them.

You can also read about the iPhone version of ListPro. See how easy it is to sync all your lists and keep them up-to-date anywhere.

You’ve got a lot of information, and you want to make lists that work for you. Don’t choose a list app that almost lets you build lists your way - get an app that lets you make any list you need, any time you need it. Get ListPro today.

Pricing: Please note the price listed is in USD, within the United States. Prices may be different outside the US on a region by region basis.

Syncing is Fast and Easy

Keep your lists up to date at work, at home, or on the go! Sync your iPhone version of ListPro via Wi-Fi with your Windows version.

Windows Versions

ListPro for Windows runs on all versions of Windows 7, and runs on Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11 in Desktop mode.

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Free Trial

Try ListPro on your Windows desktop or laptop for free! Download the free trial.

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