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eWallet – What is it, exactly?

We see and hear about “digital wallets” and “electronic wallets” (e-wallets) more every day. These are apps on your phone like Venmo, PayPal, or even Apple Pay, for making purchases electronically. Many of these are called e-wallets, but there are distinctly different types of electronic wallets.

Back in 1997, years before these “e-wallets” were around for buying things, a company in Ann Arbor, Michigan trademarked the term for their password app for Handheld PCs: Ilium Software’s “eWallet”. Our eWallet® was designed to store and organize passwords and other important information in an easily-accessible, but secure format, right on your mobile device or computer.

As mobile devices changed and increased in popularity, Ilium’s eWallet Password Manager app expanded to the Palm and Pocket PC formats, still securely storing your information, and also able to synchronize that information with eWallet on your Windows PC. Now you can also share your wallet across your devices, with your family’s devices, or simply make backups using eWallet’s built-in SyncPro sync engine.

Need to keep track of ever-changing passwords for work? Got it! Want to shop online from home, or pay bills electronically? Covered! Click a link in eWallet to open the website you need, and eWallet’s AutoPass will even send over your username and password, if you’d like. Then just click a button on-screen to log in. So convenient! And no more forgotten or mis-typed passwords.

When you want to create a new password, click or tap PassBuilder in eWallet to make a hard-to-guess password, easily. Choose to include special characters or not, plus letters and numbers, and select how long you want your new password to be. It’s very easy to let eWallet take care of creating, and then managing, your passwords.

What else can you save securely in eWallet? Keep serial numbers, licenses, contact and support information, bank accounts, credit card information, insurance numbers, tax information, notes about your car, everything you don’t have room for in your physical wallet, or that is too sensitive to keep written down. Carry it with you safely, so you have it when you need it!

Continuing to add and refine features, eWallet now supports Windows, macOS, iPhones & iPads, and Android phones & tablets. It’s come a long way in 27 years!

Want to learn more about eWallet? We have a Quick Tour,  tutorials, documentation as well as our knowledge base articles to use on your own, but if you have a question or problem and want help from a human, we have that, too! We’ll ask you some questions about the devices you’re using and some details about your question or problem, and we’ll get back to you quickly! 

eWallet is a registered trademark of Ilium Software, Inc.

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