Syncing between iOS 7 and iOS 8 devices using iCloud

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eWallet’s built-in SyncPro® sync engine (included with eWallet® version 8 for iOS) allows you to sync between supported devices using the cloud. Normally you have the option of having eWallet use either iCloud or Dropbox for the syncing process; however, Apple’s new iOS 8 iCloud Drive feature is incompatible with its older iCloud Documents and Data supported in iOS 7. Bottom line: if you have iOS 8 everywhere, you can still use the iCloud option built-in to eWallet; if you have a mix of iOS versions though and have upgraded to iCloud Drive, you’ll need to use the Dropbox option.

If you have a mix of iOS 8 and iOS 7 devices, you can still sync, but you will need to switch to using Dropbox rather than iCloud within eWallet. To make the switch:

  1. With your wallet open on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, select the Cloud button at the bottom of eWallet
  2. Select the iCloud > button next to your wallet name (under Cloud Storage Service), and then switch the selection from iCloud to Dropbox
  3. Enter your Dropbox credentials into Dropbox login screen (you may get a second screen if you have two-factor authentication enabled)
  4. You will see a message about your wallet synchronizing, when that is complete, press Done

You now have a master copy of your wallet on Dropbox for future synchronization with this device, and if you like, other supported devices.

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