I don't see my iOS device listed in the Sync Manager

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I have set up my iOS device to sync with the desktop eWallet, but I don’t see it listed in Sync Manager!

Did you by chance “restore” this device from iTunes or iCloud when you initially set it up?

  1. Email a backup of your encrypted wallet file to yourself for safekeeping, using the iOS eWallet Email Backup function (… menu).
  2. Remove eWallet from the iOS device, and reboot the device.  
  3. Re-install eWallet on the iOS device and set up sync for it again, and sync with the PC.

To update or re-download eWallet on your iPhone/iPod/iPad device:

  • Choose Updates  
  • Click on the download icon next to eWallet  
  • Choose Purchased

The reason you would not see the added device is most likely that it has the same eWallet Sync ID as another of your devices (Apple does not allow us to use the UDID anymore, so eWallet generates its own device ID). They look identical to eWallet, since they are basically clones of each other, app-wise.

This should resolve the sync issue. If not, use the same procedure on the other devices.  This will ensure they each have a unique sync ID.

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