INFO: Switching from Using eWallet on one Mobile Device to Another

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eWallet is licensed per operating system platform.

If you are replacing your device with one of the same type (operating system platform), you can use your existing eWallet license for that device. Just re-download eWallet from where you purchased it.

If you are switching to a different type of device (different operating system), you will need to purchase a new eWallet license for the new device. eWallet is sold through our website for some platforms, and through on-device app stores on others. You can find out how to purchase eWallet for your device at our website.

If you want to also switch desktop/laptop platforms, see here.

Transfer your eWallet data to your new device

  1. Open your wallet on the OLD device
  2. Tap the More (…) menu, and choose Share/Back Up Wallet
  3. Enter your email address to email yourself a copy of your encrypted wallet (or choose another Share option)
  4. Open that email on the new device, and:
    • iPhone & iPad
      1. Select the wallet attached to the email
      2. Choose Open in eWallet
    • Android
      1. Save the wallet attached to the email in the Downloads folder on the new Android phone or tablet
      2. Start eWallet and if prompted for password, tap the back (←) button
      3. Tap the More menu, and choose Import → Explore
      4. Tap the name of your wallet in the Downloads folder to import it to eWallet
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