INFO: Keep Track Synchronization Tips

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Keep Track uses its own synchronization service that works inside of ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. If your information is not being synchronized, please check the following:   

  1. Keep Track needs to be installed on both your Windows PC and Windows Mobile Device (Pocket PC or Smartphone)

  2. Transaction should appear and be checked in your ActiveSync/Options list.

    If it’s not there, reinstall Keep Track on your desktop PC. You do not need to uninstall your old version.

    If you see the Keep Track Transactions option, but there’s no check box, read our Keep Track Smartphone Synchronization info.

    You may want to make a backup of your Keep Track data file before reinstalling the software. If Keep Track 2.1 was your first version of Keep Track, this file is called:       

    • KTPocketPC.atf on a Pocket PC, or
    • KTWindowsPC.atf on your Windows PC
    • KTSmartphone.atf on a Smartphone

    If you used an earlier version of Keep Track, this file is called Accounts.atf.     

If Keep Track is installed on both your Windows PC and your Windows Mobile Device, and Transaction is checked in ActiveSync/Options, and your data is not being synchronized, contact us and we can help.

Important: Because Keep Track does not use File Synchronization, you should not move your Keep Track data (.atf) file into your Synchronized Files folder, or copy it between your Windows Mobile device and your Windows PC.