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In order to synchronize your data, Keep Track requires a separate synchronization engine installed on a Windows Mobile Smartphone or Windows Mobile Standard device. This component is automatically installed if you install the Professional edition of Keep Track. However, if you have installed the desktop and Smartphone versions separately, you will have to install the synchronization engine manually.

You can always download and run Keep Track’s trial version with no risk. Synchronization in the trial is identical to the commercial version. If Keep Track synchronization won’t run on your Smartphone, you can either uninstall the trial, or keep using Keep Track (though not synchronizing the information) on your Smartphone and on your Windows PC.

If you can synchronize the trial, you can buy the commercial version from us, and get a code to unlock the trial rather than reinstalling it.

Adding Keep Track Synchronization

If you already have Keep Track on your Windows PC and your Smartphone but don’t have the synchronization engine installed on your phone, you can get it below.

(If you’re running Keep Track synchronization now with no problem, you do not need to install a new engine.)

Synchronization Component Download (.CAB file)

To install this .cab file, do the following:

  1. Start ActiveSync on your Windows PC, and pick Explore
  2. Copy the .cab file to \Windows\Start Menu\Accessories on the Smartphone (it might be called \Storage\Windows\Start Menu on some phones)
  3. On your Smartphone, pick Programs, then Accessories
  4. Select the .cab file which will now appear in the Accessories list. This will install the synchronization module, and erase the .cab file.

Synchronization Problems

Security Permissions: Certain Smartphones may have security permissions set by the manufacturer or wireless carrier that prevent Keep Track’s synchronization engine from working or installing properly. If you cannot enable Keep Track Transactions in ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center, or if the synchronization component won’t install, you’ll need to use a small program to find out what security settings your phone has:

  1. Download and run this file on your PC, with your phone connected. (If you need a .CAB file to install over the air, get it here.)
  2. Go to the Start menu on your phone, and run the Security Checker program.
  3. Synchronization should work if the Security Checker reports: “Mobile2Market” as the security settings. If it says anything else, you won’t be able to sync.

Storage Card Support: ActiveSync does not support synchronizing data to a storage card. Because Keep Track uses ActiveSync’s built-in sync functions to transfer data with your phone, you won’t be able to sync if you have Keep Track installed to a storage card. If you aren’t able to check the “Keep Track Transactions” checkbox in ActiveSync’s sync options (or in Windows Mobile Device Center), make sure you’ve installed Keep Track to main memory. The checkbox won’t be available if Keep Track is on a storage card.

Also, make sure that the synchronization engine has been installed to your phone’s main memory as well; both it and the Keep Track program have to be in the same storage location.

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