ERROR: I can't access the Sync Settings in the eWallet for Mac OS X


When I choose Sync Manager in the eWallet for Mac, I get no response, or eWallet closes.

First, be sure you have a wallet open in eWallet for Mac!

Next, use these steps to clear all of the sync settings in eWallet for Mac:

Power off your Mac, wait 60 seconds and power it back up. 

After your Mac has completely restarted, open your Finder. Go to Applications > Utilities and open the Terminal. Enter this into your Terminal:

    defaults delete com.iliumsoft.eWallet.mac

Press the <Enter> key.

Then open eWallet and try to open your Sync Manager (Sync Setup on older versions) window again.   Please Contact Us if the crash behavior continues during this attempt to open Sync Manager.

If you are still seeing a crash, it may also help us to see Console log information available from the process of reproducing this crash problem. The Mac Console records all of the various warnings and errors you encounter from any app on your computer. There may be information showing up in your Mac console that can help us investigate this issue. You can retrieve information for us from your console:

    1. Launch the Mac Console app (Applications > Utilities > Console)
    2. Click the "Clear Display" button
    3. Now launch eWallet the way you normally do, and open your wallet file
    4. Try to open your Sync Setup window
    5. When the Sync Setup window fails to open, go back to your Mac Console
    6. In the Mac Console, choose "File" -> "Save a Copy As"
    7. Attach the resulting log to your reply email from our Contact Us support team.

This log from the Mac Console may be able to help us understand just what specific problems eWallet is running into on your computer.