FAQ: I can't sync with WiFi between my iPhone/iPod/iPad and Windows PC


If you are having trouble syncing between your iPhone/iPod/iPad and Windows PC using Wi-Fi there are a few things you can to do help troubleshoot your WiFi synchronization problems (alternatively, you can use eWallet's cloud sync):

Reboot your Wi-Fi router, and then your iOS device.  Verify that your device has re-connected with *your* network and not another one nearby.

Instead of disabling your firewall, add Exceptions or Rules to Allow "BonJour" and "eWallet" to pass through.

If you have an existing iPhone/iPod/iPad Sync Location in the desktop eWallet Setup, remove it, and then run Sync Setup again, starting on the iPhone/iPod/iPad device FIRST.

Also, be sure you have the latest versions of eWallet on both devices.

To update or re-download eWallet on your iPhone/iPod/iPad device:

     1- Open the App Store app on your iOS device
     2- Choose Updates
     3- Choose Purchased
     4- Click on the download icon next to eWallet

eWallet for Windows PC

You can update your Windows PC version of eWallet from within the product by going About->Check for Updates (eWallet can check automatically for updates too). If you need to manually download the latest version though, you can get it here: 


Then, use the iPhone/iPod/iPad eWallet sync instructions here:


If you are still having trouble syncing, please send us the COMPLETE text of the message:

You can reach us HERE  (click the link)